Class of 2016: Mille Windfeldt

Oct 30 2015

Each year we ask the current thesis students to share one of their favorite projects from the previous year. Introducing:

Mille Windfeldt, Oslo, Norway

Project: “I Copied This for You”

“”I Copied This for You’ is a zine that explores the juxtaposition of pre-meditated plagiarism and original work. I wanted to see what stories would evolve from combining and mixing my favorite songs and their lyrics. Imagine: A universe where Bob Dylan and Julie Andrews are singing a duet ­– it’s a mix of hills and a slightly annoying harmonica; Bob and Julie having a conversation with each other through the lyrics and getting somewhere or nowhere with it.

“With ‘I Copied This for You’  I created something original and very personal from someone else’s original and personal work.

“Since this zine was about copying literally everything in it is somehow copied, photocopied or scanned. There is not one Photoshop layer applied and the overall design of the book heavily depended on the result I got from scanning and copying different images and text. I spent a day photocopying my face and I highly recommend you do the same some time.”