Glaser’s Project: Love in New York Part 1

Nov 26 2012

Blog post photos by Ali Emre Dogramaci/Text by Simone Noronha

Milton Glaser’s first year MFA Design class is all about collaboration this year.

The ‘Love in New York’ book was born out of Milton’s first assignment to propose a new editorial magazine.

Each student developed a cover concept complete with name, tagline and headline, and pitched them in the following class. Students broke into groups of four to select and develop a concept into a complete magazine.

Upon presenting their group efforts Milton selected the concept “Love in New York” and asked the students to work as a class to create a comprehensive document – a catch-all on the idea.

Each designer developed a sub-concept for their section of eight pages and worked together to sequence it. The resulting book documents a collection of different interpretations of “Love in New York” with a common thread linking it all together.

Starting with this post you can see all the pages in sequential order.