Meet the Class of 2015: Megan Daley

Oct 02 2014

For the next couple of weeks will we introduce the graduates-to-be, the class of 2015 and what they consider the best work of the past year.

Meet: Megan Daley, Wyckoff, New Jersey

“This summer, I wanted  to develop a typeface for a specific media application, so I designed a screen display typeface that visually appeals to children.

The design objectives for my typeface were that it be geometric, imperfect and bold. Thinking about origami and collage, I wanted there to be uneven angles that hinted at folded paper. Having never designed a typeface, I found it challenging to learn new software and the proper process to create letterforms, as well as how to develop a harmonious collection of characters. It was a totally difference discipline from graphic design—I’m so grateful for the learning experience and expert guidance, and now I have a final typeface I can use in my design work.”