Meet the Class of 2015: Mohammad Sharaf (pt. 1)

Oct 07 2014

This week we introduce the graduates-to-be, the class of 2015 and what they consider the best work of the past year.

Meet: Mohammad Sharaf, Kuwait City, Kuwait

“For this project,” Mohammad Sharaf explains, “we were challenged to get the first thing we threw away after the first class of the semester, and rethink it, redesign it, and reform it. I threw away a bill blister. Allan Chochinov, the teacher, took us on a whole quest during the class time. I pushed my project from being a bill blister, to fictional design, a campaign against gun violence, a story of war between pharmaceutical companies, an experience about prescribed drug overdose, and back again to a fictional design. It is amazing how we overlook things we through away everyday. I am proud of this project because it was not about design only, it was about history, culture, experience, advertising, and beyond.”