Sep 17, 2014


Meet The Class of 2016: Kristine Windfeldt

Introducing members of the Class of 2016 and an example of their favorite work prior to entering MFAD.

Meet: Kristine (Mille) Windfeldt, Oslo, Norway

"'AbSeDet' is an alphabet book that has a slightly different approach to teaching the alphabet to children," Mille says. "If you don`t know how to read, letters are just strange symbols with meanings attached to them that you don`t know – it`s your perception of the symbols that develop your understanding of them.

The images in the book and overall concept revolves around the optical illusion anamorphosis. Anamorphosis roughly translated means "hidden image" and the reason why it appealed to me was that it's sort of a metaphor for learning. It also invites the observer to participate in revealing the hidden images which is referred to as active learning. I loved this project mainly because I got to collaborate with two kinder gardens in Oslo. Listening to their opinions and take on design was so refreshing and fun, but most of all it was very inspiring. I held work shops, drawing and writing lessons where I got to hang out with these awesome tiny people. They made me want to do better work and were a reminder of why I wanted to be a designer in the first place.

The book contains the 29 letters of the Norwegian alphabet and is intended for any child wanting to learn how to read. Each letter is given its own persona, visualized as an animal character – morphed around a sphere. To reveal the original illustration and see the image in normal perspective you use the cylindrical mirror. This "magical" mirror as well as an instruction comes with the book."