Roma Day IX: Cristina Chiappini’s Latest Projects

Jun 04 2015

Photographs by Esther Ro-Schofield

By Kelly Clawson

Today we were privileged to view the extensive work of visual designer Cristina Chiappini. Much of design work touches on topics of life, science, mathematics, publications, the human body and feminism.

Throughout the lecture we were exposed to an extensive range of her work. Most recently a visual design exhibition on mathematics for MATEINITALY at Triennale di Milano, which many enjoyed due to it’s scale and approach. Cristina was tasked with relating complex mathematics to an everyday public through visual simplifications and engaging stories. She achieved this in a sophisticated yet accessible manner through custom branding, type design, communications, detailed wall graphics, interactive interfaces and projected videos. Her marriage of various mediums dispersed throughout showed her strength beyond applications of just print or digital.

Overall, we were able to partake in an impactful experience that left many of us extremely inspired to create work of a similar high caliber. Many stayed after to talk with Cristina and interact with her projects — proof of her engaging work!