Snowboarding In China

Nov 12 2015

Qiushuo Li (MFAD ’16) is “Executive Head Design Chief Content Manager Boss” for the only digital snowboarding magazine in China: Session, which just released its first issue.

Session is targeting the Chinese snowboarding industry with a Chinese and English version. Founded by three American snowboarders, “I’m a partner with Session more than an employee,” Quishuo says.

The editors describe the magazine this way:

“Behind Session’s pages one finds a group of four friends spanning from New York to Beijing, and a snowboard community that supports them. The inspiration for Session comes from our desire to give readers an experience that recreates the feeling of being part of a killer on-snow Session. What makes up a Session? The recipe is simple: all you need is your crew, your snowboard and a spot. With a relaxed vibe and the dedication to stomp your newest trick, the rest comes naturally. Progression. Style. Originality. In a “sport” that is evolving at warp speeds across the globe, a Session is still what you find at the heart of every advance of trends and tricks. This is why every Session delivers what each rider hungers for and comes back for season after seas-on: checking out other rider’s gear, then choosing your own set-up. Rolling up to a fresh spot, then discovering the perfect feature. Watching your friends stomp a new trick, then dropping in and trying it yourself. At the end of the day when the Session is over, you’re 100% satisfied with what went down, but still amped and ready to slay the next Session.”

Session is available in Apple Store at keyword: Session China.