Rock & Rad It's Showtime Interactive Book Home Page

Rad ordering groovy berry pancakes...

Rock eating energy packed veggizza (veg-eet-sa)

Rock & Rad It's Showtime Print Book Veg-out Scene

Rock & Rad It's Showtime Video Trailer Opening Scene

Rock & Rad promo poster hanging in elementary school.

At home with Rock & Rad.

Rock & Rad visit first grade classroom.

First graders interacting with iPad book, Rock & Rad It's Showtime!

Kindergardeners eat "veggizza" after hearing story.

Rock & Rad

Sylvia Villada

Rock & Rad are the stars of a digital book series designed to help children ages 5 to 8 and their families understand how healthy eating and staying active positively affects their physical, mental, and emotional habits of mind so that they can make good lifestyle choices for themselves and their communities


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