Talewind is the new social network created for families to collaborate and reconstruct unconnected pieces of family history.

Designed with rich interface and functionality.

To help you create the most comprehensive history through object-based storytelling.

You can read the most personal and diverse stories on the internet.

As a member, you can keep track of all the latest activities in your family.

Learn something new about your family and contribute your own unique perspective or ask other relatives for missing details.

You have option to create your own personal memory chest or collaborate with your relatives.

Talewind's question tracker helps you keep track of developing stories as questions are answered.

On the interactive family map, you can see who the experts are in so you know who to ask for specific kind of stories and insights.

Your stories will be kept safely and viewed by the right people with secure and flexible privacy settings.


Jesse Senje Yuan

Talewind is a social network designed to help relatives share, reconstruct and rediscover their family history through collaboration. Combining interactions around family dinner table, Talewind creates opportunities for families to have more meaningful conversations through object-based storytelling.


Project URL: tale-wind.com

Personal URL: senjeyuan.com