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Venture16 - April 12, 2016

1:00 - Welcome
Lita Talarico and Steven Heller

1:15 - Keynote
Keynote: Jennifer Rozbruch + Jose Fresneda

1:20 - Livia Ito - Transversal

Transversal is a mobile architectural guide of São Paulo for tourists. It reveals new angles of the city’s neighborhoods through tours curated by local architects.

1:35 - Sandra Kleinwechter - O

O is a mobile App, introducing a new way of dating, solely based on the user’s voice. User can ask and answer questions from other user to create unique visuals, drawn by their voice. For those who want to date differently, listen beyond the surface and discover what a picture can’t tell.

1:50 - Yanqiong Zeng - Chaimi

Chaimi is a series of dining experience that collaborate with restaurants to bring authentic Chinese food to New York City.

2:05 - Goeun Seo - KIDDO

KIDDO is an app that helps kids become fashion designers. We bring kids' playful visions to life and help them explore their creativity by helping them design one of a kind outfits for their cherished dolls.

2:20 - Melisa Ozkan - Designer’s Cut

Designer’s Cut is a website that explores how film can inspire and influence designers. The site will feature videos of graphic designers sharing their unique and inspiring stories on how film has affected their creative proces

2:35 - Di Kong - Danchu

Danchu is an online pharmacy sources the highest quality herbs to extract traditional Chinese medicine for female patients in Beijing.

2:50 - Fenghe Luo - WTF NYC

A creative product brand that reflects the true personality of New York City.

3:05 to 3:35 - Break

3:35 - Keynote
Keynote: Tamara Connolly + Esther Wu

3:40 - Qiushuo Li - Mogu

Mogu is a Beijing snowboarding outerwear brand. The first product is a hoodie with a replaceable and customizable lower skirt.

3:55 - Radhika Maheshwari - Here&There

Here&There is a website that encourages people to take quick weekend getaways. It is tailored to the user’s personal interests, location, and preferences — a simple, streamlined way for people to plan a getaway and maximize their time.

4:10 - Yaxin Bai - PICD

A website that help travelers find a local photographer to document their travel experiences

4:25 - Yafei Wong - Uncover

Uncover is a peer to peer ecommerce website where people discover, buy and sell art books. Uncover encourages bookmakers share the stories of their art, reach out to new audiences and develop their business.

4:40 - Bhavika Aggarwal - Curiocity

Curiocity develops innovative ways for children to play in and learn from their cities. Launching in Delhi, Curiocity neighbourhood guides encourage children to engage with local monuments and discover their city’s history. As children explore cities, they develop a sense of enquiry and observation, and build awareness and civic pride.

4:55 - Kaitlyn Trout - Basicly

Basicly is a mobile app that creates a more personal way for women to shop for the foundation of their wardrobe online through other women who share a similar body type and fit preferences to them.

5:10 to 5:30 - Break

5:30 - Keynote
Keynote: Chiara Bajardi + Francisco Hernandez

5:35 - Kristine Windfeldt - 4th Base

4th Base is redefining and improving sex education by providing an unbiased and trustworthy platform for young adults to read and share stories about sex and sexuality.

5:50 - Yaman Hu - Blue Point

PBlue Point is an online art gallery for young, Chinese professionals that sells affordable, limited-edition prints. All artworks are curated for modern home.

6:05 - Kritbodee Chaicharoen - PREM

PREM is a daily life product brand offering apparel to household goods, designed by Thai designers for Thai people.

6:20 - Rachel Costantino - MXD

MXD is a social fitness platform that allows people to create, share and try new ways to exercise and move. By bringing together fitness entrepreneurs and those seeking fitness, digital fitness has never been so dynamic and accessible.

6:35 - Sabri Akin - Paries

Paries is a mobile community of emerging artists and designers sharing projects and progress.

6:50 - Sarah Wilson - Jasper

Jasper is a compact all in one device that simplifies the preparation and consumption of medical cannabis.

7:05 - End note
Willy Wong

7:20 - Farewell
Lita Talarico and Steven Heller