New Nanny Kit

Through my research and in speaking to both the Co-Founder of the Nanny Alliance of New York & New Jersey as well as the Vice President of the International Nanny Association, I found that one the most glaring problems is the lack of standards and regulations within the profession. Contracts and work agreements are rarely made, employers infrequently use payroll systems, nannies are rarely granted health care and there are no standard wages. Another significant issue is that there is no certification or schooling involved in the process of becoming a nanny, which can lead to prospective nannies and families being uninformed, not taking the position seriously.

I developed the New Nanny Kit to encourage proper education and standards, as well as enhance communication between families and nannies. The kit has two sections, one for nannies and the other for parents. The nanny kit includes a sample contract, a handbook containing the New York State Labor Law, Professional Practices, How to Best Deal with Emergency Situations and a brief summary of the Attachment Theory, as well as a small charm that serves as a gift from the family to the new nanny. The portion of the kit for the parents also contains a sample contract and a copy of the New York State Labor Law, as well as forms to fill out and give to the nanny for the children's allergies, medications, house rules, and a emergency contact refrigerator magnet. Families and nannies who use the New Nanny Kit will have a better understanding of the nanny profession as well as a healthier relationship, therefore becoming more effective nannies and parents.

Designers: Nicole Pivirotto