Project Portrait

High school students from Exploration Academy, Bronx, New York, were challenged to create and design digital self portraits. Using Photoshop for the first time, they collaged meaningful imagery with careful consideration to form, content, and composition. The resulting portraits illustrate their personal interpretations of how they view themselves.

Our goal as instructors was to motivate and promote self examination through an exploration of design applications. The fast paced curriculum that included a two day lesson plan and an unveiling exhibition of the students' posters was carefully coordinated with the help of the school administration.

The exceptional works of Michael Adorno, Leonardo A. Ayala, Wesley Pena, and Carolina Zapata were chosen to be featured on the MFAD website. These students took extreme interest in the exercise and designed engaging and unique posters and all of the students whose designs are depicted in the slide show presentation did outstanding work.

As the instructors and coordinators, we have been gratified with the quality of design presented during this exercise and have been inspired by the interest and dedication shown by all the students of Exploration Academy. It was a particular pleasure to have this experience and association with them.

Designers: Rosina Bosco