Bruno was born and raised in freakish Beirut. He is deliciously torn between the French, Lebanese and American cultures. After graduating from the Lebanese American University with a BA in Graphic Design, he flew to Dubai, started a career in advertising, and quickly came to hate his life. He decided to go back to the decadent capital of the Middle-East and founded his own design practice. After 4 years, he was happy to be only working on the projects that titillate his guts. Everything was perfect, so he decided to end it and start from scratch. He was finally ready to leave the Mediterranean shores and joined the MFAD program in a city that was tailor-made for him. He loves absurdity, controversy and dead animal's meat.

Graduating Class: 2012
Where are you now: Bruno is working on his thesis and working on his thesis. But you can still contact him on bzalum {at} sva {dot} edu
Hometown: Beirut. Lebanon
Links: Visit Bruno's Website