Sep 6, 2018

The Fête That Launched Our 20th Year

by Julia Marsh

Students and faculty gathered Tuesday night to celebrate the SVA MFA Design 20 Years Orientation. Food and drink were served throughout the studio, and with this more relaxed format came plenty of mingling and excitement.

Lita and Steve announced that in just a few months a new SVA MFAD identity and website will be launched! This 20th year also includes three new additions to the faculty – Sue Walsh and Amy Wang (MFAD alums from 2006) will be teaching courses on venture conceptualization and design thinking. Eric Corriel will be teaching an interaction design workshop.  And Linda Holliday has returned after one year off to teach her seminar on business strategy.

From what we can tell, the class of 2020 promises to be a fun one. There are 23 incoming first-year students and their enthusiasm was made evident by the giant balloon installation they constructed in classroom 536. Scroll through the pictures above to sample some cheerfulness of the fête.