Prosthetic Arm Projects

First project: Conceptual ideas.
A Prosthetic arm is not a real limb but amputees think of prosthetic arms as part of their body and want to feel like their prosthetic are alive.
In the place of blood are the thoughts and feelings of amputees circulating though the arms.
Whenever we see this product, we might feel their voices.
Blood is stopped but their spirit is flowing.

Second projects: Functional ideas
How body powered prosthetic arms function: The wire attachment increases functionality.
Makes it easier to use the pens, toothbrushes, forks, cups, mouses, and the hand shape makes it easier to use keyboard, Iphones.
They want to act like real limb and want to feel.
Prosthetic hook can't hold (pen, toothbrush, fork etc) very well and can't act like a real limb.

Designers: Giho Lee