Derek is a designer and artist hailing from the ship building city of Newport News, Virginia. Upon completing his undergrad work in the neighboring naval city of Norfolk, he co-founded an award-winning studio, RageHaus, with his wife. A few years passed and the day to day grind became stale and monotonous. Before the city swallowed him whole, Derek put all his eggs in one well-designed basket and headed north to the MFAD program at SVA and NYC alike. Using an odd blend of southern gothic Americana and post-modern 1990's "Cult of the Ugly" philosophies, Derek hopes to make a dent in the world the likes no one else could. Besides the world of design, Derek enjoys the great outdoors, Lego, first person shooter video games, and a strange attachment to zombies.

Graduating Class: 2012
Where are you now: Check the Following Places:- Studio in Manhattan- Apartment in Brooklyn- Undisclosed location for zombie survival training
Hometown: Newport News, Virginia
Links: Mister Munn Portfolio, RageHaus Art Blog, FaceBook Profile