Maja grew up travelling around eastern European Youth Tennis Centres, dreaming of becoming a star tennis player. She spent all her free time punching tennis balls and making collage decorations for weddings in suburban party halls. Not knowing how this would influence her future life, she went for a speed dating session, where she met Dora who impressed her with her origami skills by making the little salt and pepper holders out of napkin. Maja decided to kiss the tennis racquet goodbye. She hardly recognized Dora at design school few years after because Dora was wearing a rabbit suit as she was a very pretentious fashion victim. They started their studio and held it securely for 5 years, choosing only clients that were beautiful, intellectual and agreed with them on everything, which got them in deep debts, although they even got some awards like New Visual Artist, Young Guns, Magdalena and Zgraf. Since Maja learnt how to use most progressive software of that time called the spellcheck, and Dora realized she wasn't going to make any money as a conceptual post feminist picnic organizer, only exit of situation they found in overnight escape to SVA Designer as Author program in NY.

Graduating Class: 2011
Where are you now: --------------------------x----------------------
Hometown: Zagreb, Croatia
Links: dora and maja