"The eyes of the blind is in his lap" This is a quote that Nada always walk by. Nada is a Saudi designer. Her aim is to explore design in every possible way. She loves to get challenged.. it helps her to find solutions faster. Most of Nada's talents are not design related, like she loves acting, she is good with creating new words that would replace the ones she forgets, and she is also exceptional at finding Nemo.. Yet still, they shape her personality and the way she works. Finally, Nada's obsession with typography has grown tremendously the past few years and she hopes by the end of her graduate years she will learn what she needs in order to be the best at what she loves the most.

Graduating Class: 2013
Where are you now: Nada is freelancer, and a graduate student at SVA. She just graduated from college and she is looking forward for what's coming ahead.
Hometown: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia