Bachelor Thesis: Bench. T/Shirt Confessions 2014. An Image campaign for the clothing brand Bench. "what makes us unique?" To look deeper into this question, I wanted to display a wide range of interesting individuals and found a partner in the brand Bench. We collaborated in finding people from the streets of vibrant cities - more or less famous -, created 26 questions and started asking. The idea became an image campaign for the UK brand which started in the late 80ies with fresh motifs on T/Shirts, always inspired by the underground scene of Manchester. To promote the brand's interest in their customers and artists, the idea grow into a three-channel concept. THE BOOK 22 interviews were chosen to be displayed in a book, completely designed in the Brands house type, spiked with illustrations of every participant and building the base for Bench., but also for the participants in the book to show their uniqueness to their fans. Have a look into the book @ THE T/SHIRTS The six best quotes made it to a limited T/Shirt Edition, sold in the Berlin Flagship Store of Bench and are chosen and designed to inspire the person wearing them. It´s for everone who can identify with the interviewed person or just loves the statement. The film enclosed gives a first impression about the Launch event and shows T/Shirts and Book, as well as the Retail Build-up, customised for this campaign. For a closer look see the t-shirt project page. THE ONLINE CAMPAIGN To extend the project from the Launch in Berlin, all interviews, illustrations and information about the Bench.T/Shirt Confessions were used on the facebookpage and Blog of Bench. The participants of the book also used the project in their media presence and posted on their own sites to bring more awareness to the project and therfor to Bench. In the end the media reach increased up to 60K viewers - the highest rate for Bench./Germany so far. Have a look inside the Bench Facebook campaign.

Graduating Class: 2016
Where are you now: Brooklyn
Hometown: Munich, Germany
Links: Bench. Launch Video Berlin 2014