"They didn't know it was impossible so they did it." - Mark Twain // Hello you! As an urban creature passionate by the power of words and visuals, I dedicated my work to reunite them. I was born in Lyon (France), where I studied Literature and German. Before jumping to Berlin to study strategy, I graduated in Graphic Design in Paris, where I also worked as a DA for big agencies. Today I work both as a Strategic Designer and Illustrator, under the name of Rachel van der Nacht. I thus collaborate with entrepreneurs and big groups to help them establish their identity through storytelling, copywriting and deep digital experience. I also create tons of drawings and punchlines for more personal projects in partnership with fashion brands. Feel free to contact me : )

Graduating Class: 2018
Where are you now: NEW YORK
Hometown: LYON - PARIS
Links: website, vimeo, rad, tumblr