Tania has been exploring since she can remember. Originally from Indonesia, she grew up crossing cultures and continents. Being a flaneur seems to yield good insights for the work she does: visual-cultural interpreter. Tania chose SVA's MFA Design program as the better option to getting a second bachelor's degree in Comparative Literature at Columbia. She never looked back after finding the versatility and substance the program attracted, and a faculty with the most talked about talents in their fields. NYC played a big part too in her mind: it is the best place on the planet for the quality of its people; dreamers and doers getting stuff done on time, and well.

Graduating Class: 2001
Where are you now: After eight years of college and work in NYC-art directing for digital agencies, design firms and advertising-Tania moved to Europe for an opportunity to work in Switzerland. In the four years there, she ran an atelier with other creatives collaborating on projects-on top of her work as art director in numerous agencies. On her way back to New York, she stopped by Singapore and decided to rediscover South East Asia, where she is now creative directing global and regional integrated campaigns.
Hometown: Fornow, Righthere