Steven Heller is indebted to the following for their devotion and efforts on this project:
Silas H. Rhodes
David Rhodes
Anthony Rhodes

Kevin O'Callaghan, exhibition designer
Paula Scher, catalog and banner designer
Lita Talarico, co-chair MFA Design and collaborator
Michael Walsh, director of the Visual Arts Press
Joe Griffin, director of podcasts and collaborator videos
Hillman Curtis, director of illustrators film
Amanda Spielman, exhibition graphics
Steven Guarnaccia, guru
Tom Bodkin, assistant managing editor, The New York Times
Francis DiTommaso, Director of Visual Arts Museum & Student Galleries
Samantha Hoover and Michael Grant, SVA Office of Communication
Rodyln Douglas and Louis Egnasko, Visual Arts Foundation

Further thanks for all their support go to:
Brian Smith, Adria Ingegneri, Jessica Hale, Patrick Tobin, Esther Ro-Schofield, Matt Tait, Matt Shapoff, Lara McCormick, Harry Zernike, Marshall Arisman, Richard Wilde, Louise Fili,> Mirko Ilic, Gail Anderson, Seymour Chwast, Steven Brodner, Robert Grossman, Christoph Niemann, Viktor Koen, Alice Twemlow, Kim Ablondi, Carolyn Hinkson-Jenkins, Lisa Kitschenberg and Laura Yeffeth.

And a special thanks to Ralph Caplan

Website Design and Coding:
Rick Landers - Landers Miller Design
Jesse Willmon - Jesse Willmon Design

Biggest Fan Video:
Ande LaMonica

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