3-Way Steet in a New Lane

Nov 21 2011

Ron Gabriel (MFA ’11) and 3-Way Street is working with the National Institute of Driver Behavior to be part of a paradigm shift nationwide to make users of streets more attentive to space management. With a continually increasing bicycle population, all street users — pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists — need to learn new rules.

The NIDB has developed the first 21st century curriculum for teaching drivers how to stay out of crashes, and will produce a series of more than 100 online training programs. A three-prong approach to education — for licensed drivers, for novice teens learning to drive, and for pre-teens — will for the first time in the U.S. give drivers more extensive training than merely passing a DMV exam. The program will first be offered to middle schools for teaching pre-teens how to be responsible pedestrians, bicyclists and car passengers.

The 3-Way Street campaign will be a part of the curriculum focusing on the points of conflict in intersections. The wording of posters has shifted from a New York City focus to a national focus, and the opening sequence of the 3-Way Street video has been edited to a general focus on the dangers of ALL intersections in what the NIDB refers to as the “Danger Square”.

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