Type for Masters 2021:
A Sampler

Hand holding cover of magazine titled City Sound by Crystal Shin

Favorite Work: Vipasha Chauhan

An orange to yellow gradient template for a mobile phone app.

Favorite Work: Tomoka Murakami

An inverted black and white drawing of three people.

Favorite Work: Felipe Pereira de Oliveira

A cover of some music album that has a red filtered margin with a photo of feathers. The middle has a black and white photo of a hand holding a cigarette and a leg on which there is printed the text: Home Home.

Favorite Work: Akansha Kukreja

A website template that depicts plant, animals and female figures wearing old clothes. The text on it says: antiques OBSCURA oddities.

Favorite Work: Michael Enten

A set of white cards with grey, black and white shapes on them.

Favorite Work: Pedro Andrade

A golden vinyl cover design with some stripes and a D. Also there is an image of a vinyl disk.
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