Adobe Design Achievement Award finalist Anaële Pélisson ’17

Sep 29 2016
Ana is a second year student from Lyon, France with a background in graphic design and philosophy.
About her project:
“The process used to create Inckognito was rather unique. The challenge was to choose a design material (could be any word or expression) and design for it. I chose « Intrusion ». I started to question the limit of privacy and intimacy in public spaces. As a designer, I felt I could do something to solve this issue. Influenced by my experience and researches, I decided to create Inckognito. Inckognito is anti-intrusion typeface that prevents visual eavesdropping in public spaces. The letters have been thought to protect the user from intrusive behaviors. In fact, it’s almost impossible for someone who is not trained to decipher it. The users can easily learn how to read Inckognito by training for approximately 30 minutes. And then, the user only has to peacefully enjoy his/her reading wherever. “
Check out the Inckognito video.