AIGA Medals Bestowed on MFAD Faculty

Apr 24 2014

Some of our MFAD faculty have already received the AIGA Medal for Lifetime Achievement, Stefan Sagmeister (2013), Gail Anderson (2008), Steven Heller (1999) and Tibor Kalman (posthumously in 1999). Tonight three more faculty members will receive their well deserved awards.

Ken Carbone (with partner Leslie Smolan): Recognized for demonstrating across decades the power of beautiful and well-reasoned design principles in corporate identity, communication, publishing and strategy to designers, business and the public.

(Photo: John Madere)

Stephen Doyle: Recognized as the ultimate “designer’s designer,” merging imagination, intelligence, creativity and craftsmanship through incisive and enduring design.

(Photo: Christopher Wahl)

Louise Fili: Recognized for impeccable craftsmanship, elegant use of typography and designing with a passion and focus that is the envy of every designer.

(Photo: Henry Leutwyler)

Warmest and proudest congratulations to them from MFAD.