Alumnispective: Tyler Mintz

Apr 21 2014

Today we begin an occasional feature “Alumnispective,” looking at the recent past and present work of MFAD alumni.

Tyler Mintz (MFAD ’11) grew up on a family owned farm growing fruit, vegetables and livestock since 1978. White Pond Farm is located an hour west of Boston, MA. in the little town of Stow. With the purchase of the farm came a large, rambling raspberry patch that his parents, Andrew and Mary Mintz, quickly turned into a U-Pick operation. Soon the farm came to raise chickens, goats, ducks and more! The farm uses organic, sustainable, farming methods and adds natural manure and fish/seaweed fertilizer to enrich the soil. The farm now grows enough produce to sustain a 20 family Community Supported Agriculture program. In addition, White Pond Farm makes the most stunning pickles, jams, preserves and the best tasting array of pepper jellies. Mintz developed the logo and packages used to sell their produce and artisanal goods.

More recent projects:

An iPad app for a full-funded, Google backed start-up named Production Pro, which will change the way the film, theatre and production industry operates.

Designed a book that sold 30k copies.

CCO for a blossoming startup, Bikestock, which is expanding this Spring/Summer. The flagship automated retail machine is in Bushwick, with some nice partnerships with Urban Outfitters, Etsy, etc coming up.