Arabictypography 2003 to Now

Nov 13 2015

Tarek Atrissi (MFAD ’03) launched his thesis Arabictypography.com in 2003 and its still going strong. Here is an excerpt from a recent interview:

What is different about your revision of Arabictypography.com?
The website www.ArabicTypography.com is now focused fully on being a type foundry specializing in Arabic and bilingual typefaces, and providing retail fonts to designers available for immediate licensing. Through the branding work we do in my studio, Tarek Atrissi Design, I know very well the style of Arabic or bilingual fonts missing from the market when developing corporate identity systems: We build on this practical experience to define the style of fonts designers need and hence design typefaces for a specific niche. One of our most popular fonts this year for example was the Arabic Handwritten font, which was simply designed to provide a digital typeface that imitates a casual Arabic hand scribble, something a graphic designer would definitely need in different project scenarios.

In addition, a major focus of the website is in designing custom typefaces for companies and organizations that want to have their own unique font to be used as part of their branding and corporate communication. Because of the lack of variety of Arabic typefaces available, companies find it difficult to stand out typographically: thus we help them create a custom typeface designed specifically to reflect the spirit of their own brand and to give them a unique typographic voice in any written communication. A good example of this is our design for the custom typeface for the new Metro in the capital of Saudi Arabia, which quickly became a key visual element of the visual identity of the public transport system.