Buongiorno Roma

Feb 16 2013

Typographic Roamin’ in Rome This Summer

Now in its fifth season, The SVA Masters Workshop in Rome, is a unique way to learn about type and typography, book and lettering design, as well as architecture, art, archeology, epigraphy, and even Italian cuisine. Study with the best typographers and designers in Italy. Visit the Trajan Column and partake in exclusive guided visits to the Roman and Imperial Forums, and the harbor town of Ostia Antica, an ancient site that best reflects the grandeur of Rome. Enjoy a “behind-the-stacks” tour of Biblioteca Angelica, the oldest library in Europe that houses original Bodoni type books. Examine the inscriptions on Roman structures that have long been accepted as a typographic ideal.

Taught by leading design professionals, this workshop emphasizes the multidisciplinary and entrepreneurial nature of contemporary design. In addition, collaborations with noted Italian design organizations and media businesses result in unique (and potentially publishable) print and web projects.

May 26-June 9, 2013: Rome
Sapienza, University of Rome Piazza Fontanella Borghese.

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