Class of 2016: Di Kong

Oct 27 2015

Each year we ask the current thesis students to share one of their favorite projects from the previous year. Introducing:

Di Kong, Beijing, China

Project: Get Crackinn’

“Get Crackinn’ is an event-based exhibition I did under the direction of Kevin O’Callaghan for the Wonderful Pistachios brand. Crackinn is a wicked & bad pistachio without crack, and he always tries to destroy other adorable pistachios. I started an event about finding that evil pistachio in our products, give him to us, and get the $100,000 award. I designed the Crackinn’s helmet and drew the typography board of his stories for one side. And on the other side is the view of Crackinn’s living room. Apparently, without a crack, his life is full of oddness, darkness and misery. The whole idea is based on the brand’s culture and marketing styles. The slogan for Wonderful Pistachios is Get Crackin’, I gave a name of the mascot character – Crackinn to remind and emphasis the slogan in people’s mind. People who came to the exhibition really like the helmet, played and took selfies with it for a long time.”