Class of 2016: Kritbodee Chaicharoen

Oct 29 2015

Kritbodee Chaicharoen, Bangkok, Thailand
Favorite project: Everything depend on this moment (A thing that I’ve learned in my life so far, Stefan Sagmeister’s class)

“Everything depends on this moment” is a thing I have learned in my life. I wanted to make artwork to share with people around me. Each letter is made of my handwriting on mirrored acrylic sheets. I installed them in 7 places around New York City: Madison Square Park, Flatiron, Union Square subway station, Grand Central Station, New York Public Library and Central Park. I believed that in different places, different audiences and different time, my work can be interpreted in different ways. This work won the Type Directors Club New York design competition in 2014 and was exhibited in the exhibition in New York and 15 countries around the world in 2015.