Class of 2017: Fiorella Basso

Sep 24 2015

Each year we ask incoming MFAD students to discuss their favorite work. Today we meet:

Fiorella Basso, Maracaibo, Venezuela.

“For my undergrad thesis project I developed a series of short films that would disseminate the gastronomic culture of the Venezuelan state Zulia,” says Fiorella Basso. “A lack of publishing these typical recipes has led to a decline in the preparations of these emblematic dishes as well as a loss in interest by a younger audience.

“As a result a pedagogical short film was produced to serve as the pilot for the series, recording the preparation of the dessert Manjar del Papa (the Pope’s delicacy) chosen for its historical importance in the region.

“I decided to take a contemporary approach in order to make a product that is visually attractive and made it dynamic by incorporating animations to complement the preparation.”