Class of 2017: Lauren Eve Cantor

Sep 11 2015

Each year we ask incoming MFAD students to discuss their favorite work. Today we meet:

Lauren Eve Cantor, Los Angeles, Ca.

“The objective of this student project was to transform Hansel and Gretel into a picture book which paid homage to the style of Russian Revolutionary propaganda, walking the reader through the story, a time period, and an actual, local neighborhood.

“I created the imagery by photographing murals, landmarks and architecture around the West Hollywood area of Los Angeles, and then posterized them in order to fit within the historical style. I incorporated the text of the fairy tale in an attempt to convey the dynamic nature of the theme and the story itself and chose a highly saturated color palette and collage technique to fit  within the context as well.

“I think this work speaks to some of my current passions in design — typography and publication design — while also attempting to encompass my interest in design history.  The subject itself was playful yet the theme somewhat intellectual, which is a contrast I like to explore.”