Class of 2017: Lindsey Fisher

Sep 22 2015

Each year we ask incoming MFAD students to discuss their favorite work. Today we meet:

Lindsey Fisher, Kansas City, Mo

“While working at el dorado inc, an architecture firm in Kansas City, I helped design a new house, Lyons Farmhouse, for two active empty nesters who operate and live on a 2,000-acre farm outside of Lyons, Kansas,” says Lindsey Fisher. “The couple has three grown-up children who live across the globe, making the farm a home base for the entire family. The goal was straightforward: design a home that can comfortably accommodate the entire extended family, yet on any given day feels cozy enough for two.

“With flexibility in mind, the design divides the house into three main parts: everyday space, living and dining space, and guest space. Sliding barn doors allow each area to be closed off when not in use. With its corrugated metal siding and classic barn form, the house blends into the rural landscape. Driving by, you might mistake it for one of the dozens of barns that scatter the Kansas prairie.

“Integrating architecture into the landscape was a primary goal. Trees and tall native grasses shield the house from gravel picked up by cars. Perennial plants surrounding the pond naturally filter the water and prevent algae from growing, while well-placed flowers welcome guests and waft lovely smells through the house.”