Class of 2017: Vedanti Sikka

Sep 18 2015

Each year we ask incoming MFAD students to discuss their favorite work. Today we meet:

Vedanti Sikka, New Delhi, India

“Using design as a way to educate and empower people and create work that is socially responsible has always interested and inspired me,” says Vedanti Sikka. “While working at Infonauts, an information based design studio in New Delhi India, Oxfam (a rights based organization that fights poverty and injustice) approached us to design a set of printed newsletters every alternate month. The objective was to cover the different work Oxfam does all over the country, primarily targeting potential donors, employees and volunteers.

“The challenge here was to make serious content seem a little more exciting, but not go overboard at the same time. Once we broke down the work that Oxfam does, we divided it into 4 separate sections: Regional Work, Opinions Matter, Newsroom and Partner Profiles. Each issue of the newsletter had a different theme to it, with all the articles related to the chosen issue. The theme of this particular issue was about Oxfam’s work on gender discrimination and violence.

“Since it was a very content heavy publication, it was balanced with a consistent colour scheme and easy to understand infographics as well as appropriate photographs.”

All rights belong to Infonauts Pvt Ltd. The font used in the header is the global house font for Oxfam.