Collins Consults by Jenny Rozbruch

Jan 17 2013

Photos by Cecil Mariani, Kathleen Fitzgerald, Yeonsoo Kim and Jenny Rozbruch

Last night we had our first class of the semester with Brian Collins at the Ogilvy & Mather building in midtown. This will be our second semester with Brian, who always keeps us thinking on our toes, challenging the status quo, and making us laugh until our stomachs hurt. He also feeds us pizza, which always goes over well. But most importantly, last night he got us thinking about how many designers talk about making change – through conferences, posters and publications that highlight the problems around us,but few who actually make that change happen through their design work. And that’s what being in the MFA Designer as Author + Entrepreneur program is all about. We’re really looking forward to working with Brian and co-teacher Lee Maschmeyer over the next few months!