Designing the Trash

Sep 21 2010

Photos by Camille McMorrow

Allan Chochinov’s second 3D class last Thursday was all about making things. Problem: “Redesign the next thing you throw into the trash.” The results are fascinating.

Projects from top:

1. Katie Estes’ discarded photo led her to redesign sushi and create an iPhone tripod.
2. Sylvia Villada’s trash bag becomes The Walking Buddy – a device used for babies learning how to walk.
3. Leen Sadder’s project questions the functionality of the toothpaste tube by looking into the habits and rituals associated with brushing teeth. It also studies ways in which toothpaste can be packaged in a more eco-friendly way, starting with the toothpaste box.
4. Joanna Kuczek: Wire hanger reconstructed into puppet’s arm rod.
5. Tim Hucklesby: Band-Shades.
6. Michael Croxton improves the straw with small features added to enhance the drinking experience.
7. Adam Katz redesigned the exacto knife for cooking.
8. Albert Pereta investigates new forms of bags.
9. Tim Hucklesby: Frictionless mobility.