Dough-not Stop Being Awesome

Dec 08 2015

By Sarah Al-Seikhan and Lizzie Florece

[This project was created for Stefan Sagmeister’s “Can Design Touch Someone’s Heart” class.]

In light of the storm of negative media towards law enforcement officers, we wanted to show appreciation for the daily service of the NYPD.  We decided to find a playful way to celebrate the officers who wake up every morning to protect the city that never sleeps.

By utilizing the comical stereotype of police liking donuts we redefined the abbreviation of NYPD to mean “New York Police Donuts.” Through this medium we communicated the message “Dough-not stop being awesome.” What evolved, was an entire identity system of packaging for the brand New York Police Donuts including individual boxes, thank you cards, and coffee cups.

To add a personal touch, we labeled two dozen of the boxes and cards with specific names of officers from the nearby 13th precinct. Additionally we produced extra packages that we hand-delivered to unsuspecting officers around the city- including Times square. What followed was a series of surprised faces and smiles.

Watch the video here.