Emprise Launch: Triggering Ventures

May 12 2015

Photos by Esther Ro Schofield

The end before the commencement is one way to look at the Emprise Launch, curated by Ada Whitney. The beginning of the graduating students’ next phase is another way to think of this remarkable exhibit of design-driven ventures.

Last night the Class of 2015 gathered with family, faculty and friends for a momentous display of the MFAD’s current crop of products and ideas. Videos appeared on four prominent screens in the crimson painted gallery. Triggers, which looked a lot like modern sculptures, on three walls enabled visitors a chance to see more visual material on their smart phones by downloading and using a special application.

By no means a conventional exhibition, Emprise Launch, was a tactile yet digital extravaganza that lifts off the Class of 2015 into the universe of design entrepreneurs.