Emprise Part I: Defense

Apr 03 2015

Photos by Esther Ro Schofield

Wednesday April 1 was Emprise: Thesis Defense Day. Helping to critique and review the new design ventures from the class of 2015 were MFAD alumns: Deborah Adler ’02, Sue Walsh ’06, Francisco Hernandez ’14, Sam Katz ’11, Tania Mailangkay ’01, Jenny Rozbruch ’13, Celia Cheng ’05, Len Small ’08 (Not pictured: Andy Outis ’06, Josh Hester ’08).

Venture advisers also posed with their advisees (click on arrows to view photographs): Anthony D’Avella and Emily Engelson; Jacob Cohen and Felipe Garcia, Fred Kahl and Megan Daley; Agnieszka Gasparska and Issa Mao; Willy Wong and Kenny Batu; Aaron Wheeler and E.S. Kibele Yarman; Stephen Doyle and Mohammad Sharaf; Anthony D’Avella and Nham Wongpradu; Zach Yorke and Wanjung Tsai; Tod Lippy and YIchi Liu; Bobby Martin and Patricia Sanchez.