Give Care. Take Care.

Nov 28 2017
MFA Design first year student Julia Marsh is touching people’s hearts on the streets of NYC for Stefan Sagmeister’s class.
Give care, take care. For Stefan Sagmeister’s most recent assignment we were asked to test whether design can touch a group of people’s hearts. I chose to help women feel cared for by giving away hundreds of tampons and panty liners, all arranged in the form of a gigantic typographical structure spelling out the words “TAKE CARE.” The hope was that women would take a moment out of their day to be reminded that self-care is just as important as caring for others!


The bold pink and yellow colors combined with the scale of the structure made the message impossible for people to ignore! And the response was truly touching – people of all ages and backgrounds getting publicly excited about feminine hygiene?! What’s not to love! I also donated a number of boxes of tampons and pads to a women’s domestic abuse shelter, where these kinds of supplies are always needed.
I must extend a big thank you to Brandless™ for collaborating on this project, without their generosity it would not have been possible to make as large an impact! I also owe thanks to Maiya Moncino, Anne Weisenstein, and MFA Design Students Emily Wack and Mike Enten for their help with this project.”
Check out the video.