Information Please

Oct 15 2013

Saturday was Information day for MFAD. Co-chairs Lita Talarico and Steve Heller welcomed prospective students with a description of curriculum and offerings. The podium was then turned over to Director of Operations Esther Ro-Schofield for a virtual tour of the MFAD community. Lee Maschmeyer spoke about his class “Designing Interaction,” on the role of systemic design and the interaction of people to people. Andy Outis (MFAD ’06) talked about how his thesis has forced him out of his comfort zone. And Sue Walsh (MFAD ’06) announced that her thesis was on the verge of going into production — she also showed slides of the boat restaurant that she and her wife have just opened in Brooklyn. Even the veterans in audience were inspired. The talks were held on at the West Side auditorium and attendees were bussed to a the reception and current student Q/A at the MFAD studio on the Eastside. A wonderful Saturday was had.