LFNTV to Milq

Mar 10 2015

Recently, we had a visit from Bruno Zalum (MFAD’12) who talked about how he got his venture into the marketplace.  In 2008, he launched a very simple initiative called week&groove in Beirut. Every Friday at 5pm, he sent an email to a few friends with a non-commercial song, a little blurb and a visual. Week after week, the list of groovers was growing and this simple initiative became a nationwide ritual creating a subculture for music lovers. This passion to share unknown stuff with the world was the source of inspiration for his thesis at SVA where he created LFNTV, an app that offers the viewers a curated stream of stunning videos tailored to their current mood. One day after his thesis presentation in 2012, he got approached by an entrepreneur who was interested in creating a music-centric platform that had some similitudes with LFNTV. At that time, Bruno was helping Linda Holliday with Citia, and decided to start working on the side on this “second thesis” proposal. The idea to only make it music-centric felt reductive and they decided to broaden their spectrum to various areas of Culture (Music, Film, Comedy, Sports, Fashion, Food, Design, Ideas, etc.)

This is how Milq was born. A mutated version of LFNTV that has a bigger purpose: organizing the world of culture through each others. Using collaborative wisdom to create a playable map of culture was the most exciting and rewarding project Bruno ever did. Once they got funded, he officially became the Design Lead at Milq working on various aspects of the website and app, from Ux to Ui to branding and strategy. Today, Milq is on the rise with an active and passionate community of users and curators as well as some remarkable partnerships with The New York Times, the NBA, Vanity Fair, the Tribeca Film Festival, the TIFF Festival in Toronto, Paul Giamatti, Ken Burns and Mario Batali to name a few.

www.brunozalum.com www.milq.com (Milq is available on the App Store)