Lita’s Milan Diary

Jul 02 2010

The recent opening of our SVA Masters Workshop partner’s new bookstore, Edizioni Corraini’s 121+ in Milan, was not only a social event, but throughout the day the Corrainis produced a commemorative book. By the time the 250+ guests were leaving the book had been laser printed, spiral bound and offered for sale. The book features illustrations and graphics from friends who were asked to contribute a page.

Also special was the Camparisoda apperitif which made use of Depero’s 1932 Campari bottle and a glass specially designed to fit on top. The bottle served as a stem for the glass.

The store is packed with books by the likes of Bruno Munari (the eclectic Italian artist and designer with whom Corraini developed a long lasting collaboration), Enzo Mari, Bob Gill, Steven Heller, Steven Guarnaccia, Paul Rand, Paul Cox, Martí Guixé, Richard McGuire, Achille Castiglioni, Luigi Veronesi, Alfredo Jaar, and many others.

Edizioni Corraini recently opened another bookstore at the Museum of Modern Art in Bologna (MAMBO) but I liked this one better!

More info on Corraini publishers can be found at: “http://www.corraini.com/”:http://www.corraini.com/

(pictured below: Pietro, Maurizia, Maurizio, Ana Corraini. And (bottom) Ilaria Rodella, who runs the store and more.)