Masters Workshop: Design Rome 2018

Feb 12 2018

Welcome to Rome. Hail Type, Typography and Graphic Design.

For ten years professional designers and graduate students have joined us in Rome exploring type, typography and graphic design for what they describe as a life-altering experience. As Adrienne Angelo stated “Studying type in an historically significant location like Rome provided an authenticity to my education that no other experience could provide, and it has informed my work every day since.”

Participants come from around the world for this immersive multidisciplinary workshop to be inspired, build professional and personal bonds and produce incredible and viable products. Our emphasis on designing in an entrepreneurial space encourages a range of design thinking and making, using Rome as the inspiration for unique visual opportunities. Masters Workshop: Design Rome is more than two weeks of study. Join us this summer – May 27 to June 10 and begin the next stage of your design career.

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