Meet The 2nd Year Students: Jessica Lin

Oct 06 2017

Hello! My name is Jessica, I am a Taiwanese graphic designer based in New York. My magic power is using design expertise I have developed over the years and my hand-done type craftsmanship to transform one story into a voice that matters. Besides being a professional MFA design student/ graphic designer, I am also a colorful hand-lettering artist who specialized in watercolor style.

In fall 2016, one of the courses I was taking during the semester was called Design and Branding, instructed by Kevin Brainard. The C.O. Bigelow series is one of the two projects I created in this class. The concept was to pick an existing local brand/service that we believed to have an intriguing story to tell but was in need of help in terms of visual branding. The reason I chose C.O. Bigelow as my subject is I value the powerful history and the irreplaceable memories this pharmacy has carried and brought to New York. and I would very much like to help share the appealing character as this brand is by creating a compelling design around it.