Meet the 2nd Year Students: Melissa Rojanapongpun

Oct 18 2017

I am a Thai graphic designer. I studied Industrial Design which provides me the knowledge of graphic design, ceramic design, textile design, product design and interior design. After I graduated, my focus was mainly about graphic design spanned from papercraft to environmental design, but I’m still interested everythings that including design.

This project is a video of papercraft and stop-motion. It tells the story by taking the form of the pop-up book as a cooking manual. Each page shows how Chormuang is cooked. “Chormuang” is one of the Thai traditional royal appetizers. It is the Thai dumpling shape of a flower. Thai traditional royal appetizer like Chormuang is famous in how delicate the food was made and cooked to serve the royal family in the past. This video will introduce the story with papercraft technique through the story of how to cook Chormuang.