Meet The 2nd Year Students: Sarah Tamani

Oct 16 2017

My name is Sarah Tamani. I am a French student at the School of Visual Arts in the MFA Design program. I work as a freelance illustrator and writer for fashion brands.

The very strange and paradoxical relationship that we have with social networks inspires me a lot. My generation was born with the Internet and does not know how to live without it. Yet we spend our time criticizing it… online! Like we love hating it. This is why my drawings are filled with absurd and ironical situations and dreams, energetic badass skeletons and lazy people. I have a real passion for word games. Before design and art, I studied literature, philosophy, and languages. This made me realize the infinite references literature and art had in common. Now I really love mixing drawings and words, twisted references and black humor. I love expressing the crazy behaviors and obsessions we all have sometimes. Samuel Becket, Stanley Kubrick, Joy Division and George Orwell truly fascinate me for their tragic-comic vision of life.

I also love making videos my drawings, experimenting new techniques and mixing craft and digital.

This project is NOCTURNES is a series of illustrations made at night and about night. Nights full of dreams. Night of a time without social media. The series is full of my favorite characters and obsessions: energetic skeletons, lazy beings, neons, twisted references and absurd situations. Like a sad-core dream of modernity.