Meet The 2nd Year Students: Sindre Annweiler

Oct 13 2017

I am a 22-year-old, Norwegian graphic designer interested in the space between art and design.

Albertine is the largest French-English bookstore in the United States. Their store is located inside the historic Payne Whitney mansion in Manhattan and contains over 14,000 contemporary and classic titles.

The logomark features a sextile (an astrological symbol representing harmony between two entities) in reference and to keep in touch with the interior of the store. The visual identity needed to look modern whilst also pay homage to the legacy of 18th century French literature. I therefore created a design system that inhibits a contemporary quality, but with a classic and retrospective feel. The visual identity is in essence based upon “old meets new”. Moving forward whilst still nodding to the past.

This project was awarded a diploma at the Visuelt awards, Scandinavia’s largest design competition.