Meet the Class of 2013: Janine Toro

Sep 11 2011

Janine Toro is a graphic designer currently living in New York City while attending the School of Visual Arts MFA Designer As Author + Entrepreneur program. Prior to this she worked as a designer at Hearst Corporation for SmartMoney Magazine.

She worked directly with the marketing department and sales team to design advertising collateral and promotional materials for print and digital media.

She has many interests and is immersed in design, photography, food, music, travel and anything tech-related.

Favorite Work:
“‘The Two Rooms’ poster is my favorite piece because it exemplifies my minimalistic approach along with an illustrative element that conveys the information clearly. The concept behind this poster was to show the tragedy of the two people in the play as silhouettes as if they were together even though they were both in separate parts of the world and not knowing the truth of what was going on.”